CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher

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  • Model Number: Ex. 960HP

The CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher provides all of the advantages of the CrystalClean separator and beyond. Now you can have a complete treatment train all in one package.  The full flow treatment of trash and debris, spill protection, and excellent sediment particle separation stay in place and are even enhanced at low flows.  In addition to the verified performance of our separator, selected low flows are then processed by up to five types of filtration media or 18″ of media.  The pre-treatment in the front of the device is further enhanced by the initial filters and allows media of your choice to provide final treatment.  A built-in internal bypass protects the media during higher flows.  Finally a filter device  that can be placed online. The device is fully configurable and can be customized to specific sites or specific jurisdictional rules.  The media is fully changeable after initial installation to improve treatment or to take advantage of advances in media technology!  The device can even be adjusted to seasonal changes.  This is an advancement over monolithic media canisters and can offer the best in water quality treatment. It is the only filter system with a 100% top down cleaning.

Download a copy of the CST Hybrid Polisher Brochure.

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Model Table & Sample Drawings

Model Length Width Drawings
CST640HP 6′-0″ 4′-0″ Dwg 1
CST840HP 8′-0″ 4′-0″ Dwg 1
CST950HP 9′-0″ 5′-0″ Dwg 1
CST1050HP 10′-0″ 5′-0″ Dwg 1
CST1260HP 12′-0″ 6′-0″ Dwg 1
CST2460HP 24′-0″ 6′-0″ Dwg 1 Dwg 2 Dwg 3


Operational Video

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