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CrystalStream Technologies has a lot to offer engineers. The most obvious advantage is our engineering services for stormwater treatment devices. We do an integrated design for your specific site. We look at flow rates and velocities as a starting point, but we look at much more. The nature of your site and the specific pollutants it might generate are taken into account. We look at the general soil types, and the position of the site in the overall basin. Looking upstream can help us design the device properly, but looking downstream can be just as helpful. Knowing what problems are present in the receiving waters can help us craft a proposal that will get quick and easy approval from the regulators who are very familiar with the pollutants of concern in that basin. These might be nutrients, bacteria, or simply sediments, but the overall BMP design for stormwater treatment should target the pollutants of concern.

Depending on site conditions, we may have no value or we may be the perfect solution. The only way to know is to look and ask questions. We will not make a claim that our Model XYZ will always treat from 2 to 5 cfs, on any site, with any pollutants and particle sizes, going into any stream. We believe that would be an irresponsible approach to using this type of device. We treat every site as an individual design, just as you do.

To meet this goal, we must do a site specific design. This means a specific detail must be drawn for each of our stormwater treatment devices. We can't give you a standard detail with the usual "see civil plans" and "contractor to fit and adjust in field" phrases. To make your life easier, we will draw the detail for you and send it to you for inclusion on your drawings. During the approval process, it will be helpful to you to know that we have already been to your jurisdiction, and have agreed in advance to approve specifics for our devices. We will submit calculations, specific to that jurisdiction, which will show the performance of our device on your site. We will do our best to include answers to common asked questions. We can and will have a field representative meet with member(s) of the jurisdiction. This usually is not necessary as we have taken care of arrangements in advance.  It will not matter how many revisions you have to do, or if you have to take us off the site due to unforeseen changes to your design. We have never charged any engineer a penny for our work. We build our cost of these services into our product costs. In addition, we do not charge for our local representative making trips to the municipality. Most of the time, things go smoothly so we gladly add these services as a part of our overall customer service. If you have a preliminary design and need a "what if" price, we will gladly provide one to you, usually within an hour. In addition to our local representative, we have our central office engineering team, who is at your service. We have designed hundreds of sites with these stormwater treatment units, so don't give up until you talk to one of our engineers. We may have an innovative approach that can help you save time and money. Please visit our downloads section to get a "Design Information Sheet", or complete our online form to get a design specific to your area.