Products Overview

Looking for a product?  Our CrystalClean Separator can typically handle design flows up to 24 cfs and water quality flows up to 4 cfs in a single vault configuration.  Using twin vault systems can increase design flow capacity up to 36 cfs, and water flow up to 7.2 cfs.  If your water quality flow is low compared to your design flow (perhaps you have some off-site flow that does not require treatment), you may want to consider a Piped Internal Bypass or an Integral Internal Bypass to mitigate high flow conditions.  The CrystalClean Separator was highly rated in field testing for suspended solids and nutrients, and can stand alone in many cases.  If you need special treatment for specific pollutants, such as dissolved metals, nutrients, or pathogens,  or if it must meet strict effluent limits, you might consider the CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher shown above, which can add up to five media/filtration elements to the standard separator treatment.  For tough jobs, or industrial “point source” applications, look to our CrystalClear Polisher with up to 9 media/filtration elements designed for critical water quality applications.  If you are unsure, either fill out our Design Form, Contact Form, or call us at 800-748-6945.

Piped Internal Bypass

i.e. Model 2466-IB