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Please fill out the following form as completely as possible to help us understand your needs and provide the most accurate and comprehensive response and stormwater treatment system for your project.

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On Site Area flowing to WQ unit
Total Area Impervious Area Measurement
Off Site Area flowing to WQ unit (if applicable)
Total Area Impervious Area Measurement
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Pipe In
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RCP, CMP, etc.

Pipe Out
Size Type Slope


RCP, CMP, etc.

Pipe Inverts
Invert In Invert Out (see note below)
Pipe Flow
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cfs in year storm
Surface Details
Elevation at Device (Rim) Surface Type
Pond Details
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Unit Configuration
WQ unit designation on plans

Note: Site descriptions can help us lower your treatment flow rates. The lower your percentage of impervious, the lower your water quality flow requirement will be in most areas. A sketch with some pipe slope information can let us set an invert in, if you are not sure of that parameter.
Invert out of our device will normally be 0.10 or 0.20 feet below the invert in. We can make this drop less if your pipe slopes are less than 1%.

Jurisdiction Information

Water Quality Rule
Water Quality Flow calculated
Governing Jurisdiction (city/county, state)

Note: Maximum flow is from your pipe chart, such as "25-year peak flow is 10.3 cfs." We will research the exact water quality flow standard for your jurisdiction and state if a "generic" specification such as "1-inch first flush" depth standard is utilized.

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Note: We will e-mail you a drawing file of your site-specific design and your site calculations if you provide an e-mail address. Any important information you can add, such as details on receiving waters, etc., will help us provide you with a more powerful presentation to your local jurisdiction.

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