CrystalStream Gets highest VTAP Rating of Hydrodynamic Products

July 10, 2015- Lawrenceville, GA– Crystalstream Technologies is excited to announce the latest approval of their technology in Virginia. After extensive review of our third party field testing by the reviewing agency for the Virginia BMP Clearinghouse, we have been given a ranking of 25% removal efficiency for total phosphorus. This is the highest ranking given to any hydrodynamic product by this reviewing agency showing once again why Crystalstream Technologies is the most effective product on the market.  This removal efficiency ranking will help engineers across Virginia to effectively create treatment trains that meet the phosphorus removal goals for their projects, while keeping their project cost down.

Engineers can visit the link above to see the CrystalStream efficiency rating or reference the following letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia DEQ:  Virginia DEQ  Assignment of Percent Removal of Total Phosphorus.

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Interesting Facts About Us

CrystalStream Technologies/Storm System Services has offered and tracked maintenance on our systems since the first one was installed on February 1, 2000. We currently have over 978 systems under maintenance contract. To date we have prevented an astounding 21,446,156 lbs of sediment and pollution from making it to our natural waterways.

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CrystalStream Exhibits at the 2015 NPCA Conference in Orlando, FLorida

This year CrystalStream Technologies exhibited at the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association) Conference in Orlando, Florida. This is an annual conference where precast manufacturers from across the country come together for training, awards, and product development. Because CST works with precast manufacturers directly across the country this is the ideal place for our team to catch up with all of our suppliers and manufacturers. We are able to sit down develop a plan for the coming year and build on what is already strong relationships. In addition it gives us an opportunity to look for potential new manufacturer reps in other markets. The show was a huge success, and we have found an amazing organization that promotes exhibitors and members to interact and work together for the same objectives. One of the key accomplishments at this conference is the meeting of various committees working on specific targeted market goals. Crystalstream is proud to be a member of the the Stormwater Products Committee.

Next years show will be held in Nashville, TN.

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Crystalstream Receives Certification in Ontario, Canada

CrystalStream Technologies has submitted their extensive field testing and now has received Ontario MOE Certification.

"Based on a review of the data and the information submitted in support of the technology, the ministry concludes that the CrystalStream Water Quality Vault,  by CrystalStream Technologies, may be applied to the treatment of stormwater to remove debris, settable solids, and their associated pollutants, oils, and floatables."

Crystalstream Technologies has in typical tradition already  aligned with a manufacturer rep in the market to provide both a local presence and manufacturing, and also a local maintenance presence. Allowing Crystalstream Technologies to carry forward into the Canadian market their approach of Design, Installation, and Maintenance.

For a copy of their certificate.. Click Here!

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CrystalStream CEO, John Moll Speaks to group at Annual ASCE Meeting

Mr. Moll spoke on the importance of DIM, (Design, Installation and Maintenance) emphasizing that any product will work if the DIM is followed. It is just that some products will work better than others if the DIM is done correctly. How to properly pay attention to your site by getting out of your office and from behind your desk, and visit your site. All sites are not created equal, and knowing your flows, understanding the impacts of the hydraulics and what is polluting the stream. Mr Moll also introduced Crystalstream's new product, our Hybrid Polisher unit that will allow for 100% top down cleaning and the CrystalClean HP can be retrofitted with various medias to target a variety of pollutants in TMDL areas. John revisited with the group the basic principles of HLR (Hydraulic Loading Rate), with emphasis on the importance of a device with a low HLR  performs better than those with a high HLR, and what the impacts are when applying high HLR's to your project.  He shared with the engineers that CST (Storm System Services) now has over 10,000 cleaning and that we have a better understanding of what is being captured in our units by evaluating the results with different site hydraulics.Explaining that the EPA is off by a factor of ten when looking at the pounds per acre per year that washes off a site.

According to James Cameron Parker, P.E., President of the ASCE Grand Strand Branch "From the feedback we’ve received, the program was a great success. We appreciate the time that you and your team took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your work is important to all of us along the Grand Strand and your focus in the water quality field is well respected. Again, many thanks for your time and effort."

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