Regulatory Approvals

Virginia DEQ Assignment of Removal Efficiency for Total Phoshorus Letter – June 29, 2015

EPA Verification Statement – The ETV third-party testing resulted in a verification statement. This is a copy of the CrystalStream verification document found on the EPA Web site. (PDF file, 160 KB)

EPA ETV Full Report  The EPA-ETV Complete test report. total of 46 pages

Highlands, NC Clean Water Management Trust Fund Performance Testing

New York State DEC Proprietary BMP Acceptance Page – Crystalstream is listed on this page as  an acceptable product

Product Literature

CrystalStream Global 5 Year Product Warranty -The only company to offer a superior level of protection and comfort. By working with the owner we ensure they will have no concerns or issues with their stormwater treatment unit for years to come.

CrystalClean Separator Resume R1 –Download the CrystalClean Separator Product Resume  in easy to read format . Contains test results from three independent third party field studies, project references, and much more.  We want to apply for your project.

Partial Installation List – This is a list of projects across the United States that  the CrystalClean Seperator has been installed on.

CST E-Brochure – Save a tree.  Download our brochure in electronic format.

CST Competitive Advantages – Over 28 advantages over our competitors. When selecting a BMP this gives you a list of items to consider first.

CrystalStream Design Sheet – You can fill out our Online Design Form or you can download this sheet, fill it out, and fax or e-mail it back to us. We will respond quickly with the all information you need to place our product into your design drawings. (ZIP file, 25 KB)

Testing Recap – A one-page report detailing our third-party testing results. (PDF file, 220 KB)

EPA Verification Statement – The ETV third-party testing resulted in a verification statement. This is a copy of the CrystalStream verification document found on the EPA Web site. (PDF file, 160 KB)

CST Operation & Maintenance Manual 21Jan05– includes sample forms for use on your project.

Helpful Design Tools

HLR Calculator -This is a simple to use editable Hydraulic Loading Rate Calculator for use when comparing alternate BMP's to your project specification. This spreadsheet can be inserted into your standard workbook and provides a great side by  side comparison. of products.

Design Info Sheet Interactive– Our Design Information sheet as an interactive PDF file

CST Product Specification Document (R3)  -A editable word document for use on your project. Designed to ensure you  have a product specification that will make sure you receive a fair alternate on your project.

Product Case Studies

Fifth Third Bank-Nashville, TN -This case study details a unique project.

Wegmans Distribution Center -Rochester, NY Case Study

CrystalStream White Papers

Hydraulic Loading Rates– A white paper describing the methodology of scaling by Hydraulic Loading Rate (PDF File, 15K)

Basic Questions to Ask About WQ Vaults – A white paper explaining how to select a manufactured water quality vault. (PDF File, 54K)

Understanding Resuspension Rates – A white paper that shows how to calculate re-suspension rates for a water quality device. (PDF File, 85K)

Understanding Sediment Analysis – A white paper explaining how to properly analyze water samples for sediment content.  (PDF File, 81K)

"Challenging BMP Assumptions" – This paper was presented by our CEO, John Moll, at StormCon 2005. (PDF file, 47 KB)

It Looked So Good on Paper, what went Wrong? – This paper was  presented by VP, Jeffrey Benty at Stormcon 2012 (PDF File)

Clean Water Management Trust Fund- Highlands, NC Study -This report presents a study recently completed on the CrystalClean Product

Connecting Lab Testing To Field Testing – A Simple review of how to compare lab testing to field testing. Why are both important.

Non-Point Source Pollutant Variability(Moll) -understanding the variability in pollutants from site  to site.

How Does Drought Affect BMP Performance– This paper reviews a case example of the impacts of  drought on your BMP and what happens when that first storm arrives.