CrystalStream Technologies has a lot to offer contractors. Stormwater treatment has become the norm on almost every site today, and we are glad to offer more than just a Stormwater Treatment product.  When costs are important, we deliver the most cost effective stormwater solutions available. When the job is specified to our product, the cost we quote includes much more than our device alone. It may not be important to you as a contractor that the design, engineering, and approval costs were built into the quote because, by the time you are on the job, those things have already been done. It probably will be important for you to know that we provide a site installation specialist upon request. The specialist will coordinate your job and help you plan the installation, and will be there the day of the installation to assist you at no additional cost.

You will also not have to worry about long delays for our installation. The base unit is fully assembled and operational upon arrival, for a simple grout in – grout out installation. There is no onsite assembly typically required with a CrystalStream stormwater treatment device, and often our supplier will be able to set the unit in your excavation if you are prepared.   That's all there is to it. Usually, we are off the site in under an hour.

CrystalClean Separator Installation- See the Simplicity.


We will help advise you during subsequent contruction activites in order to keep the unit clean and working properly. You will have one additional benefit during construction. Our stormwater treatment systems typically have over 500 gallons of hydrocarbon spill protection built in so that an accidental fuel spill will be easily trapped in the unit. You can clean up on site, rather than down in a stream. Hopefully you will never need that protection, but you may need our local representative to answer questions or help you with a small problem. When you purchase our devices you get our people too.

If we are not specified on your job and you want to take a look at our stormwater treatment system because of its ease of installation and low cost, we will be glad to do so. Getting approved- no problem! We take care of the work for you by contacting the project engineer or site designer shown on the plans. Even if they put "Or Equal" on the plans, they had specific reasons for using a certain device. We want to be sure that the engineer agrees that we are equal and is willing to help us with the second step, which is contacting the municipality that approved the drawings. We will submit details and calculations to them (at no cost to you or the owner) to support our substitution on the job. If the engineer and the municipality agree, we will gladly furnish you a stormwater treatment unit. We do all this so that when your final inspection rolls around there will be no question about the approval of our device for your site.