End Users

In the long run, it all comes down to an owner, a stormwater treatment device, and our staff at CrystalStream Technologies. The construction is long over, the drawings are rolled up and gathering dust somewhere, and the project is forgotten by municipal regulators. That is probably as it should be, but the rain and the pollutants keep coming. We have found that the largest problem with BMPs is not selling them, it is cleaning them. Selling a stormwater treatment device can be a challenge unless an owner understands the need. Some site owners will volunteer to pay money to protect streams from the pollutants found in stormwater run-off, but any owner can certainly rationalize the need when he is trying to get a permit for his business to operate. The real problem comes in when the BMP salesman is gone, and the owner is left with the burden of ongoing cleaning and maintenance expense. We decided that it was wrong to offer a stormwater treatment device without telling an owner up front what it would cost to clean it. The only way to control those costs was to handle it ourselves, which is what we have done in most areas. We think of it like a cell phone. The cost of the phone is important, but not nearly as important as the ongoing costs of the minutes each month, and the service is everything. We want to stay involved with you, to solve today's problems and whatever may be on the horizon. We are with you for the long run.

We will gladly work with you on new projects where stormwater treatment is needed, and can give you an honest evaluation of our potential to help you on any given site. Have your design professional contact us and we will develop a preliminary design and cost so that you can make an intelligent decision on price/performance in advance.