Our Industry

CrystalStream Technologies is a valuable tool for compliance with the US EPA Clean Water Act

The USA started a program to clean up the waters of our nation known as the Clean Water Act of 1972.  That Act was further amended by the Water Quality Act, and the effort to assess and control “Non-Point Source” (NPS) pollution. The source was easy to identify or easy to control with industries. We had early success with the pollution from individual industrial plants, but we found that NPS pollution is not a simple thing to control. NPS pollution originates on every commercial property, office, road, school, or home. Simple things like soil, grass clippings and discarded trash and debris are a part of the problem. Complex things like bacteria from pet waste, dissolved chemicals, oil dripping from cars, detergents, and fertilizers are also a part of the problem. Such waste mingles together in storm water run-off and is carried into our lakes, rivers and streams.

Controlling NPS pollution is a serious business. Methods of stormwater treatment include but are not limited to structural things like ponds, man-made wetlands, sand filters, infiltration basins, and water quality devices like the ones we manufacture. Public education on NPS pollutants and its effects on the environment are very important. Most people know that dumping motor oil is bad, but do they know that grass clippings and leaves can be just as bad or worse? People need to know that their yard and their street are connected, by pipes, to their local stream which has no processing plant in-between. We participate in a small part of the NPS pollutant industry where stormwater treatment devices are used to intercept pollution that people can’t or won’t control themselves. We separate oil, filter trash and harmful vegetative matter, and settle out sediments while protecting our nation’s waters from fuel spills. We are CrystalStreamtm Technologies.