CrystalStream Gets highest VTAP Rating of Hydrodynamic Products

July 10, 2015- Lawrenceville, GA– Crystalstream Technologies is excited to announce the latest approval of their technology in Virginia. After extensive review of our third party field testing by the reviewing agency for the Virginia BMP Clearinghouse, we have been given a ranking of 25% removal efficiency for total phosphorus. This is the highest ranking given to any hydrodynamic product by this reviewing agency showing once again why Crystalstream Technologies is the most effective product on the market.  This removal efficiency ranking will help engineers across Virginia to effectively create treatment trains that meet the phosphorus removal goals for their projects, while keeping their project cost down.

Engineers can visit the link above to see the CrystalStream efficiency rating or reference the following letter from the Commonwealth of Virginia DEQ:  Virginia DEQ  Assignment of Percent Removal of Total Phosphorus.

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