CrystalStream is awarded a NEW Patent for stormwater treatment!

Our newly configured Hybrid Polisher device has been awarded a patent based on its innovative technology. Our original product, the “CrystalClean” separator has achieved impressive results in field testing that showed excellent removal of suspended solids, nutrients, trash and debris.  This new product adds media filtration to our standard device to meet the special needs and conditions that some sites and some jurisdictions require. There are many filtration products on the market, but this product can be customized specifically to every site. To make it even more versatile it can be modified as site conditions become better known after the site opens or as conditions change over time.

The fact that the device can be cleaned and maintained completely from the surface with no confined space entry required makes this product very inexpensive to maintain. The types of media used can be chosed specifically for the task at hand, and only those filters that are exhausted will be changed while the other filters remain in place. This work is perfromed in the open air above ground so that the condition of the media can be visually assessed in good light. Feel free to call at 800-748-6945, email or use our contact form on this site for more information. This is not a “one size fits all” solution but it is a viable way to address site specific needs and to keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

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