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CrystalStream Technologies sponsors a series of free webinars on a wide range of topics.  Regulators, engineers, contractors and site owners all find reasons to attend these informative sessions.  These are not simply product based sessions, but are designed to increase your knowledge in all aspects of water quality and the underlying science that drives proper design and application.  You can find the schedule of events at  Hope to see you there!!


April 5th at 1:00pm EST    – Stormwater BMP Maintenance Part 1: What others won’t tell you about  product  maintenance. Presented by: Jeff Askew  with  Storm Sytem Services

April 28th at 3:00pm EST – Rainwater Harvesting: The Wave of the Future

May 19th at 1:00pm EST – Special Guest Speaker: Jim Mailloux from Alden Laboratories will present…. Understanding BMP Lab Testing-Controls and Variability.

Followed by a presentation: From the Lab to the Field how to apply this knowledge to your project.                        Presented by: John Moll

May 26th at 2:00pm EST -How to face the challenges of a “Or Equal”, comparing products and performance.

June 16th at 3:00pm EST – Stormwater Maintenance Part 2: What everyone should know about land based BMP Maintenance. Presented by: Jeff Askew  with  Storm Sytem Services

July 12th at 3:00pm EST – Ask the Experts-Stormwater Panel discussion. Take this opportunity to submit your questions and have them answered by experts in the stormwater industry. Question request will be sent out prior to the session date. Questions will also be taken during the session.

August 2nd at 3:00pm EST– Do you need Lab and Field Testing to Verify Product Performance? How to relate one to the other.

September 14th at 11:00am EST– Engineers/Owners: How to avoid a Stormwater Notice of Violation.

October 10th at 1:00pm EST– The Great Lie! Filtration can remove Dissolved Pollutants!

November 8th at 10:00am EST – Low Impact Development (LID) : How Proprietary BMP’s can help

December 5th at 3:00pm EST– Stormwater BMP Design: Is a MTD right for your site?

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New Facebook Page Added

Help us populate our Facebook page! Please visit our facebook page and find webinar schedules, pictures, videos, and latest news about Crystalstream.

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CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher

The CrystalCombo Hybrid Polisher provides all of the advantages of the CrystalClean separator and beyond. Now you can have a complete treatment train all in one package.  The full flow treatment of trash and debris, spill protection, and excellent sediment particle separation stay in place and are even enhanced at low flows.  In addition to the verified performance of our separator, selected low flows are then processed by up to five types of filtration media or 18" of media.  The pre-treatment in the front of the device is further enhanced by the initial filters and allows media of your choice to provide final treatment.  A built-in internal bypass protects the media during higher flows.  Finally a filter device  that can be placed online. The device is fully configurable and can be customized to specific sites or specific jurisdictional rules.  The media is fully changeable after initial installation to improve treatment or to take advantage of advances in media technology!  The device can even be adjusted to seasonal changes.  This is an advancement over monolithic media canisters and can offer the best in water quality treatment. It is the only filter system with a 100% top down cleaning.

Download a copy of the CST Hybrid Polisher Brochure.

Watch and Learn about the Hybrid Polisher


Model Table & Sample Drawings

Model Length Width Drawings
CST640HP 6'-0" 4'-0" Dwg 1    
CST840HP 8'-0" 4'-0" Dwg 1    
CST950HP 9'-0" 5'-0" Dwg 1    
CST1050HP 10'-0" 5'-0" Dwg 1    
CST1260HP 12'-0" 6'-0" Dwg 1    
CST2460HP 24'-0" 6'-0" Dwg 1 Dwg 2 Dwg 3


Operational Video

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CrystalClean Separator

This is our original product  and the most popular.  Outstanding test results in the field (See EPA's ETV program – verified technologies) have shown this product to be capable of stand-alone water quality treatment on many sites and in most jurisdictions.  For critical sites or jurisdictions with highly restrictive requirements, this machine is an effective pre-treatment system that controls trash, debris, accidental spills, and will remove 89% of all solids that reach the device.  We know this because we service what we sell, and have the experience of over 5,000 maintenance  operations to back up our test results with real field experience.  From high density hot spots, to pre-treatment for sensitive land based LID applications, this is the machine of choice.  The CrystalClean separator can treat water quality flows from 0.4 to 7.2 cfs, and stay on line for maximum flows of 2 to 36 cfs over the range of models.  Check out our section on arrays for more possibilities if your flows are above 36 cfs. If you know what you need or are unsure of the proper product to use, fill out our Design Information Form on-line here and our registered professional engineers will get right back to you.

Here is a sample list of installations across the country….. Partial Installation List

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CrystalClean Separator – Twin Vault

In twin vault systems, the trash screening basket and two of the three baffles are in the front vault. A third baffle, the spill protection reservoir, and the coconut fiber filter are in the second vault. Flows enter the device from the endwall, top, or either side wall of the front vault, pass through the treatment elements in that vault, and then cross over to the second vault via a connector pipe. The flows then pass through the remaining elements in the second vault, and exit out the back of that vault through the endwall, or either side wall. The two vaults can be parallel, as shown in the sketch above, or in line. They also can be set up in other arrangements to accommodate your storm drain design. You may want to look at the sketches in the “Array” section of products to see other possible arrangements. The sizes of our twin vault devices are shown in the Technical Details tab. In some areas, other sizes may be available.

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