Stormcon 2012- Come Visit us in Booth 118

Stormcon 2012- Visit CrystalStream at Booth 118

With another year half way over we find ourselves once again getting ready for one of the top stormwater conferences in the our industry with over 140 stormwater presentations from the industries top experts. Last year Crystalstream gave away to one lucky attendee a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas for simply visiting our booth, this was one of the first for StormCon.

This year we have stepped it up even more and have setup to give away over 250 prizes for simply visiting our booth. In addition one lucky visitor of the CrystalStream Booth 118 will win 7 days paid accommodations in either Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada. All booth visitors will receive at a minimum a pen with a thumb drive integrated loaded with a wealth of information on the stormwater industry.

CrystalStream will also be giving away three books written by one of the top experts in our industry….Gary Minton.

So don't miss your chance and come by BOOTH 118 for a CrystalStream Scratch off and chance to win some prizes.




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CrystalStream Technologies offers PDH course approved under New York State

Stormwater BMP Design, Installation,

& Maintenance

During this training session participants will actively be involved in learning the following educational items that can be incorporated into the design of their projects. At the completion of the session we will review what material was covered with a structured Question & Answer Session ensuring all attendees have a comprehensive understanding of the material presented.

Course Objectives:

  1. Basic review of the Clean Water Act
  2. Definition of a BMP (Best Management Practice) as it applies to stormwater
  3. Fundamental components of a stormwater BMP
  4. Understanding of the principals of each BMP component
  5. BMP Design and placement considerations
  6. Benefits of pretreatment in post construction applications
  7. Optimal BMP design considerations.
  8. What to look for in a BMP Vendor.
  9. Maintenance considerations when designing your project

At successful completion of this course attendees will receive a certificate for 1 PDH/CEU credit approved by

The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc

*To confirm the acceptance of these PDHs outside of NYS, please consult the licensure board of that state.

This educational activity has been evaluated & accredited by the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc.

The Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc., 6 Airline Dr., Ste 114, Albany, NY 12205

To download a brochure please click  Stormwater BMP Design, Installation, & Maintenance PDH Brochure.

This course is offered either on site for a minimum of 5 attendees or via internet in a interactive webinar. Please email to schedule your session.

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Introducing the “CrystalClear Solution” Newsletter

Introducing the “CrystalClear Solution” Newsletter

CrystalStream Technologies is excited to add a monthly newsletter to their client communication methods. Engineers, Owners, Regulators, and Contractors now have a way they can stay current on the latest stormwater issues, new products, latest testing, or even stay up to date with the latest free webinars being offered by CrystalStream Technologies.

Now keeping current on the latest products or product performance offered by CST has never gotten easier, or are you looking to hear about special offers and new installations then the CrystalClear Solution is the Newsletter for you. Maybe you are just interested in making sure you don’t miss one of many free webinars offered by the CrystalStream Institute.

Subscribing is simple just type your email in the join field on the left side of any of our web pages click submit, then reply to the email sent to your inbox.

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Are My Pants on Fire? Are Yours?

When I was growing up on the northeast coast ofFloridain the ‘50s, if someone told an obvious “whopper”, all the kids would chant, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!”  Small falsehoods might be tolerated, even encouraged among boastful boys, but there was a limit.  A series of two events occurred over the past 14 days that brought that old chant to mind. 

 I was at the ADEM conference in Montgomery, Alabama (a great event with good information and located in a great venue), and I overheard someone referring to my industry as a bunch of guys with “black boxes” using “voodoo” science for performance claims.  As a member of SWEMA (StormWater Equipment Manufacturer’s Association), and one who practices good science, the remark was hurtful.  SWEMA has worked hard to educate everyone about how well vetted and tested our products are, and about what should be expected from a reputable manufacturer.  I wanted to refute what the speaker had said, but it was not the time and place to challenge him in front of his peers.  I will get my chance soon to show him how the responsible people in my industry present their products and what they can do.  At that time, I thought that the days of the “black box” and outlandish claims were behind us for the most part. 

Just a few days later, I saw a project in a major southeast city that had a manufactured device in the storm drain system.  The contractor was a company that often uses our product, but we were not on the plans for that project, nor had we been asked to bid.  We asked about the omission and were told that none of our products could handle the large flow from the system.  In truth, we could have used two of our largest devices to meet the specification, but he did not know that.  However, when we looked closely at the project, we saw that only one of our competitor’s devices was used on the project, and it was much smaller than our proposed solution.  When we looked at the claimed treatment capacity of the smaller system, we could not believe it.

The system in question had been tested by a nationally recognized agency and found to be able to process about 9 cubic feet per second (cfs) and to remove about 65% of the solids.  So, the salesman on this job claimed that the device could run FIVE times as fast, and still remove 80% of the solids.  An image of flaming trousers flashed through my mind.  (Chant here.)  Now, this type of outright exaggeration is easy to counter, but at what cost?  Once I inform the engineer and the regulator of the truth, my industry will once again have been painted (by me) to be using voodoo science and magic black boxes.  In the eyes of the jurisdiction, the engineer, and the contractor, am I any different? Am I guilty by association?  If you recall, the gentleman at theAlabamaconference said we were, “All the same.” 

 I know that times are tough, and that sales are few and far between, but it is time for good men to stand up and call for a stop to outlandish claims.  SWEMA worked very hard to develop a fair and accurate laboratory testing protocol.  There was lots of “discussion” as one company or another worked to defend its own turf, but in the end we all agreed to compromise on what was best for the industry as a whole, and what would work best to protect the watersheds that we are asked to protect.  It is disappointing after that mutual effort, to see one of our peers disregarding the entire process.  Perhaps it is time that our industry started issuing the “Flaming Knickers” award to the company that makes the most exaggerated claims of performance.  It will be hard to find anyone with the … er, guts to claim more than five times their tested performance, but I bet there may be someone out there who will do it. Of course, they will be hiding as best they can.  Do I hear six??

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Stormwater Webinars Designed for your Company & Staff

With 2012 fast approaching and another year of economic hard times, many companies and staff do not have the time to get out of their office or have someone come in see product demonstrations or educational sessions. CrystalStream is proud to announce the next step in Stormwater Webinars & Education. With our constant goal being to try and educate engineers, contractors, owners, and regulators in the stormwater and construction industry on such critical matters as design, installation, and maintenance. We are proud to announce the Stormwater Webinar Your Way Program. Tell us the who, what, and when.
Contact us now to schedule your personalized webinar. Let us know when you would like the webinar and what topic or topics you would like covered for your company and staff. With the completion of each session we will supply you with a personalized certificate of completion for the session.

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