CrystalStream CEO, John Moll Speaks to group at Annual ASCE Meeting

Mr. Moll spoke on the importance of DIM, (Design, Installation and Maintenance) emphasizing that any product will work if the DIM is followed. It is just that some products will work better than others if the DIM is done correctly. How to properly pay attention to your site by getting out of your office and from behind your desk, and visit your site. All sites are not created equal, and knowing your flows, understanding the impacts of the hydraulics and what is polluting the stream. Mr Moll also introduced Crystalstream's new product, our Hybrid Polisher unit that will allow for 100% top down cleaning and the CrystalClean HP can be retrofitted with various medias to target a variety of pollutants in TMDL areas. John revisited with the group the basic principles of HLR (Hydraulic Loading Rate), with emphasis on the importance of a device with a low HLR  performs better than those with a high HLR, and what the impacts are when applying high HLR's to your project.  He shared with the engineers that CST (Storm System Services) now has over 10,000 cleaning and that we have a better understanding of what is being captured in our units by evaluating the results with different site hydraulics.Explaining that the EPA is off by a factor of ten when looking at the pounds per acre per year that washes off a site.

According to James Cameron Parker, P.E., President of the ASCE Grand Strand Branch "From the feedback we’ve received, the program was a great success. We appreciate the time that you and your team took out of your busy schedule to join us and thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees. Your work is important to all of us along the Grand Strand and your focus in the water quality field is well respected. Again, many thanks for your time and effort."

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