Interesting Facts About Us

CrystalStream Technologies/Storm System Services has offered and tracked maintenance on our systems since the first one was installed on February 1, 2000. We currently have over 978 systems under maintenance contract. To date we have prevented an astounding 21,446,156 lbs of sediment and pollution from making it to our natural waterways.

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Stormwater Runoff provides plant food

Today, more people are thinking about stormwater runoff as a resource.  In my opinion, we are missing an important opportunity with a readily available resource.  Everyone knows that stormwater runoff contains nutrients.  Some jurisdictions are so concerned with these nutrients that they base their water quality plan approvals solely on the removal of the metallic […]

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Are My Pants on Fire? Are Yours?

When I was growing up on the northeast coast ofFloridain the ‘50s, if someone told an obvious “whopper”, all the kids would chant, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!”  Small falsehoods might be tolerated, even encouraged among boastful boys, but there was a limit.  A series of two events occurred over the past 14 days that […]

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Stormwater Webinars Designed for your Company & Staff

With 2012 fast approaching and another year of economic hard times, many companies and staff do not have the time to get out of their office or have someone come in see product demonstrations or educational sessions. CrystalStream is proud to announce the next step in Stormwater Webinars & Education. With our constant goal being […]

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Looking for Market Reps and Manufacturers

With 2012 fast approaching, CrystalStream is looking to expand rapidly in the coming year and is looking to partner with highly qualified product reps and manufacturers in select territories. If you have a great understanding of your stormwater and construction market, and tired of being tossed to the side by other BMP product companies when […]

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